Special gases applied in food industry

Our gases increase the productivity of the customers, engaged in the food industry. Our products do not affect the safety of food.

Special gases, useful for hydrocarbon processing sector

For hydrocarbon processing units, refineries and other related industries, we supply our reliable specialty gases.

Special Gas Supplier For Clinical Applications

Our special gases are useful for manufacturing drugs and for clinical trials.

Our special gases are useful for the analytical applications, like the liquid and gas chromatography. We have unique gas handling tools for retaining the quality of the special gases. We use these tools to collect the gas and distribute it to our customers. Thus, the gas quality will remain stable until the time of its application.

Distribution and supply of special gases in Bangalore

Sri Vinayaka special gas agencies has a unique distribution system and pressure regulators to prevent the contamination of any sub-standard element with our special gases. Our high-quality equipment keeps up the original grade of all our special gases.

Our special gas collections include UHP Air, Nitrogen zero grade, propane, ammonia, N-Butane, synthetic air, liquid nitrogen and argon (UHP Grade and TL Grade). We have now become leading special gas agencies in Bangalore.