Our life-sustaining gases save the life of patients. We have also medical gases, used for the respiratory therapies. Our cryogenic nitrogen is also useful for the preservation of tissue and blood. Our gas collection also comprises helium, useful for the MRI. We are serious in maintaining the quality of these gases.

As we are one of the leading medical specialty gas distributors in Bangalore, we use high quality-

In all our medical gases, you can find purity, quality and consistency. We have also followed the FDA regulations as the best team of medical gas product suppliers.

Looking For Medical Oxygen Cylinder In Bangalore?

We have blood gas blends that are useful to analyze pH, pCO2 and pO2 in any blood specimen. Our blood gas products contain nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Sri Vinayaka specialty gas agencies offers products that have highly precise and accurate combinations. Our inventory has also medical drug gases, useful for the inhalation therapy. These therapy gases are applicable in the healthcare centers, hospitals and physician offices. Our special distribution system ensures successful medical gas installation for any purpose.

Thus, rely on Sri Vinayaka medical gas company to get all the gas products in the clinical fields.